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                  An Introduction to Beijing TRT Group

                  Long history


                  Tong Ren Tang Founded in 1669. It served eight Qing emperors for 188 years since it was designated to provide traditional Chinese medicine to the imperial family in 1723。


                  The founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 gave a new life to weather-beaten TRT.In 1992, Beijing TRT Group was established,and became a wholly state-owned company in 2001. It has gradually established a modern corporate system.


                  In 1997, the subsidiary Beijing Tong Ren Tang Co., Ltd. was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange,while Beijing Tong Ren TangTechnology Development Co., Ltd. were listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2000.Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd.were listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchangein2013, These listings strengthened the overall competitiveness of Beijing TRT Group.


                  In 2019, answering the Party’s call to develop TCM, the group invited the third-party company (focus on "two centenary goals")to provide strategic consultancy services and map out the development strategy in the new era, taking the group onto a journey of high-quality growth.

                  Glorious achievements


                  Specializing in traditional Chinese medicine and therapy,Beijing TRT Group focuses on TCM production as its core pillar, supplemented by four other pillars of health and wellness, senior medical care, commerce and retail, and international business-shaping a health industry chain that covers herb growing, TCM production, sales, medical services, healthcare, and R&D.


                  With the establishment of its Hong Kong manufacturing base as a milestone,Tong Ren Tang started from Beijing, expands in China and becomes international. It now has business or services in 28 countries and regions in 5 continents, helping internationalize TCM.


                  The group has seven sub-groups, two institutes, many subsidiaries, and more than 2400 retail points and medical organizations.It has 36 production bases and over 100 modern production lines that can produce more than 2600 medicines and healthcare food in six categories and 20 types. Many of its TCM are household names, such as Cow-bezoar Bolus for Resurrection, Tongren Cow-Bezoar Sedative Bolus and Tongren White Phoenix Bolus of Black-Bone Chicken.


                  In terms of R&D, the group has established a complete system that includes a national engineering center and a post-doctoral research station. Since 2016, the group has developed 265 new products,among which, Morinda Officinalis Oligosaccharide Capsule, as the first TCM for depression treatment, won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award. The group is dedicated to innovating techniques to help address challenges facing the industry and improve the automation of TCM production.


                  In2018, the group registered a revenue of 19 billion yuan,a profit of 2.7 billion yuan and an asset of more than 29 billion yuan.Since the group’s founding in 1992, it has paid 36.5 billion yuan in tax, increasing the value of state capital.The group also won many awards and honorary titles such as China Trademark Gold Prize - Trademark Application,Madrid System for International Trademark Registration Special Award, the first Quality Management Award by the Beijing Government, and the Pillar Enterprise Award of the Medical Industry for the 70th Anniversary of the PRC.

                  Rich culture


                  As one of the first China Time-honored Brands, Beijing TRT Group goes along a growth path that coordinates both business growth and cultural development. As a state-owned company, the group fulfills all its political, economic, social and cultural responsibilities.It plays a unique role in advancing the TCM industry and carrying on the TCM culture.


                  TRT started its business with the belief to “promotepeople’s health with noble morality and kindness”. “Serving the people’s health soul and heart” is TRT’s motto.It follows the codes of conduct from the ancient times, such as “although patients do not see the process of making TCM, we should always do it earnestly”,“no manpower shall be spared, no matter how complicated the procedures of production are”, “no material shall be reduced, no matter how much the cost is”, “it is our hope that people will never get ill, even if that means we won’t have any business.” TRT is therefore known for its unique prescription, high-quality raw materials, great techniques and outstanding therapeutic effects” - contributing to its fame of quality and credibility.


                  TRT carries on craftsmanship from generation to generation.The group has three national intangible heritage programs - TRT TCM culture, traditional technique of TCM preparation,and preparation technique of Cow-bezoar Bolus for Resurrection. The group also has a number of other intangible heritage programs at municipal and district levels,37 heirs of intangible heritage at national, municipal and district levels, 14 TRT master TCM therapists, 8 TCM masters and 20 heirs of special techniques.


                  The group assigns a priority to the education of socialist core values,innovation of cultural inheritance, and evaluation on both Party building and business performance. Through these efforts, the group has developed a culture of valuing the brand, staying united with a strong team spirit and striving for excellence,which helps fuel the growth of the group.

                  Grand blueprint


                  Based on the new era and new mission,Beijing TRT Group will be guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era andthe spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the National Congress of traditional Chinese Medicine to keep abreast with the times and people’s need in the new era.Its priority should transit from “medical services” to “promoting people’s health”.It will stick to steady growth to improve,strengthen and refine its “three-phase” growth strategy for a high-quality development.With Party building, quality and credibility as the three cornerstones, it aims to build a world-class TCM health group under the vision of serving people’s health around the world.

                  Rosy future


                  In 1956, Chairman Mao Zedong said that TRT must be kept forever, which reflected his high expectation on TRT.General Secretary Xi Jinping has called to “promote the high-quality growth of the TCM industry”.


                  The group will work hard to live up to the expectations of the Party and the people.Leveraging all the opportunities facing the TCM industry,always retaining the original intention, the bravery undertaking the mission,the determination to keep moving forward, getting the high quality development achievement,TRT is committed to its mission of “serving people’s healthand revitalizing the TCM” to achieve high-quality growth in the new era.

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